Brumbies Big Day Out
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The Victorian Brumby Association Inc is a registered charity, founded in 2007 after several years of informal Brumby rescue. To us, Brumbies are an integral part of our heritage and our national identity. Australias often fragile ecosystems evolved without hard hooved mammals such as Brumbies. Our Nation however, evolved WITH Brumbies and with horses of every kind. Horses carried our explorers, cleared and ploughed our fields, carried us into war and pulled the carts that delivered milk right up to halfway through the last century!

There are three parts to our mission. Firstly, we rescue Brumbies, gentle and train them then rehome them. Just as importantly, we also work very hard to better the management of Brumbies in the wild and the accountability of those that are responsible for their management. Finally, we aim to raise the profile of Brumbies as a part of our heritage and also as wonderful riding and companion horses.     


All our labour is provided free. We make absolutely no money from doing this. The sale of the handled Brumbies contributes towards our running costs – the costs of rescuing Brumbies, and caring for them whilst they are in our care. However, sale costs don’t come close to allowing us to continue. We run regular fundraising activities throughout the year, such as clinics and rides. Membership is our main fundraiser as well as an opportunity for Brumby enthusiasts from all over to register their concern and interest in Brumbies at the same time as contributing towards their future.

Our aim is to see Brumbies remain in their wild state and be humanely and responsibly managed. There are many issues that surround this aim and we are working hard to promote it.

Since 2007, the Victorian Brumby Association has rehomed more than 150 Brumbies. These Brumbies are fabulous Pony Clubbers, Harness Horses, Endurance, Dressage, Adult Riding, Jumping and general riding horses! They seem to be able to turn their hooves to just about anything! Brumbies develop a very strong bond with their human herd leader and will reward you with a lifetime of affection and trust!

We have tried to include as much information as possible in this website, but please if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!