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All donations made to the VBA over $2.00 are tax deductible and go to wards helping

us care for and rescue more brumbies.

 Victorian Brumby Association 

About the Victorian Brumby Association

The Victorian Brumby Association was formed in 2007 after several years of informal Brumby rescue. As an association, we have three primary goals, firstly of course, the rescue and rehoming of wild Brumbies. Secondly, working with local, state and federal government organisations such as Parks Victoria and National Parks and Wildlife Association in New South Wales, to develop humane, sustainable and effective management systems and thirdly, public education – showing the general public what Brumbies actually are, how well they’ve evolved to suit a wide variety of environments and also how those qualities that make them successful Wild Horses make them eminently suited to being domestic horses.

Since 2007, we have gentled, trained and rehomed more than 320 Brumbies. Those Brumbies have gone on to be very successful in a variety of disciplines and ways. We have good government level working relationships which have lead to us being included in the Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Reference Group, the Barmah Wild Horse Advisory Committee and the Wild Horse Advisory Panel covering the Alpine National Park in Victoria. We take these roles very seriously as we believe that one of the best thing that we can do to help Brumbies is to sit at the table with those that are in control of them!

We currently take in around forty five Brumbies annually, from both the Kosciuszko and Alpine National Parks. We regularly promote Brumbies at a variety of events from regional Agricultural and Royal Shows through to major events such as Equitana as well as through our biennial Australian Brumby Challenge ( ). In addition to this, we run frequent horsemanship clinics and demonstration days at our Brumby Sanctuary near Beaufort in Western Victoria.

Welcome to our website, please look around and always feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!