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All donations made to the VBA over $2.00 are tax deductible and go towards helping

us care for and rescue more brumbies.

 Victorian Brumby Association 

Brumbies are descendants of the horses that settlers brought with them that enabled them to explore, settle, farm and exist in this incredible country. 

Todays Brumbies have been running wild in our Alpine regions of Australia for more than 180 years. They have evolved to be hardy, sociable and calm creatures who have the ability to thrive in the Alpine landscape. From Banjo Pattersons Man From Snowy River to Eleyne Mitchells Silver Brumby series, to the ten dollar note, Brumbies have become entwined in our mythology and our sense of nationhood.

We support the humane, non lethal management of Brumbies in their traditional lands. In moderate numbers, Brumbies have shown the ability to co-exist and even bring benefits to their environment through their preferential grazing of weed species. Of course, their ability to thrive does mean that management can be required to keep them at levels which are healthy to both the Brumbies and the environment.

The National Parks Act recognises both the importance of protecting the native flora and fauna that occur within our National Parks, but also place and items of cultural and heritage significance.

The government agencies which manage our National Parks have made it very clear that they would like to see no Brumbies in our public owned National Parks. This page is a place where we ask for you to join with us to support our Brumbies in their historic lands. Many voices will surely be heard as we raise them as one for our Brumbies. 

Will you join us? 

Fighting For Brumbies