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We need your help now!

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All donations made to the VBA over $2.00 are tax deductible and go towards helping

us care for and rescue more brumbies.

 Victorian Brumby Association 

We have received a number of emails and comments on Facebook from people who are concerned for the future of our brumbies and desperately wish to help but are uncertain on what to say.

They have come to us asking for advice on how to submit rational and responsible arguments in the hope that they will be read and considered rather than pouring out their emotions which may be considered as just that - emotions.

Although we initially were unwilling to provide standard letters for fear they may be discounted, we have recently learnt that certain groups that are pro the cull have done exactly that and their submissions are being counted. We have therefore put together a selection of documents which we are making available via the links below. Please fell free to download, add your personal details (name, address etc.) and either send as is or modify if you prefer.

Please make use of these documents and help save our beautiful brumbies.

NPWS Campaign Documents